• My Awesome Diner Encounter

    I was down at the park the other day, just relaxing and minding my own company, when this incredibly strange guy came up to me from far away, but at first he was just lurking in the shadows, kind of like a sneaky person or something.

    However, as this dude began to get nearer and better, we realized that we'd known each other from some time ago, although I didn't quite remember in which we'd met, but he seemed to be so congruent and helpful I couldn't bear to ask him for his identification.

    He knew just about anything there was to know about me, only I couldn't for the life of me recall where we'd met or anything like that.

    Then he told me he was using some of the powerful mind numbing expertise of incredible hypnosis, and that all he could do was look into my brain, and read the information that was flying around freely for everybody to simply pick up.

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    Now, here is in which the peculiar part happens. As we were in the middle of a conversation about my middle school history, we out of the blue found our own selves in a eatery that is experienced in deep fried hen, which meant I was about to eat some scrumptious grease, surrounded by some gorgeous waitresses.

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