• Let Loose Your Awesome Energy

    We human beings have lots of viewpoints in our heads that run our daily lives, unfortunately, many of them are bad. They think they are helping us, but only in the short term. The ones that are helping us in the short term in fact limit us in the long term.

    Let's say you've got a motivation to be a world renownedviolin person, but you've got a belief that playing guitar in front of others is incredibly terrifying. But like most people, performing in public is a terrifying belief that may be holding you back.

    Naturally going into scary scenarios isn't normally a good idea. But it's also an incredible way to stay small and poor your entire life, and never sample any of the remarkable things that life has to offer.

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    The best way do you overcome this problem? Think of anything big wishes you've got that you haven't achieved yet. Something that is a huge dream of your life. Then just write down all the things that are keeping you from achieving it. Don't think just write.

    The trick is to trick your brain into dumping out your restraining thinking. You'll find that pretty soon you get these horrible thinking that are keeping you from achieving massive achievements.

    When you find them, just flip them around, and turn them into affirmations. Then simply keep expressing them over and overuntil they come true.

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