• Just how We Messed Up Meat

    The other day my buddy and I were in my shed experimenting with some electronics, just connecting haphazard stuff up together, when we invented a moment device by accident.

    Now, in retrospect this seemed rather simple, but when you haven't done it yet, there's really no way to know ahead of moment how you'd realize the tips of this.

    Of course, once you've got a time apparatus, you've got to make some careful adjustments otherwise you might end up in the wrong place, and ruin everything for everybody.

    I wanted to go back and see the dinosaurs, while my pals wanted to go back to the peak of the Roman World, while my other buddy wanted to go out into the future a couple hundred years to see just how our current economic collapse was going to happen.

    We all made the decision it would be fun to go back and watch the invention of hypnotherapy, and try to comprehend why in the world somebody would want to do something like that.

    Let Free Your Master: hypnosis

    Once that was all figured out, we wanted to head down to the neighborhood chicken residence where all the super cute waitresses worked.

    I guess when you've got a time apparatus it's easy to repeat yourself.

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