• Just How I Walked Rear In Time

    I was out wandering around in the horribly oppressive summer warm recently and I stumbled across this lemonade stand that was promoting this huge glasses of cold soda and pop for only 15 pennies, so naturally I purchased one.

    To tell you the truth, I thought these soda and pop stands had been outlawed by the city council for some unusual reason, but there it was, staffed by these totally fantastic university women that were trying to make money for their sorority.

    When I started drinking this awesome nectar of the gods, I was suddenly transported again in time, and everybody around me was wearing ancient garb and speaking in amazingly peculiar languages of hypnotherapy and mind control language of incredible sensuality.

    Of course, this was all in my imagination, cute ladies on a hot day will do that to you. I was actually in some kind of city fair, and the ancient land of kings was the theme.

    But this one guy told me that plenty of the ancient kinds and other regal folks would speak in a kind of code that later would develop into what we call hypnotherapy, since they had to use weapons of the mind rear then.

    The Incredible Mind Science: Get the facts

    Of course, none of this is true, except the parts that I don't really understand yet.

    Jam your brain with extraordinary videos below or click on this link: i was reading this

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