• Just How I Deciphered This Remarkable Mystery

    You may begin to question your own sanity as you intend to decipher what may be described her as a story about some hypnotist guy and hisassociates. If you feel even the slightest bit confused, don't worry, since I'm feeling that way myself. To be completely trustworthy, I'm still finding fragments of my memory laying around the floor. In my mind, it's still a swirl of frustration and total lawlessness.

    I can assure you that this is absolutely true, down to the last detail. Since I've documented this and verified it, I can be sure it won't be questioned by the professionals. It all started with some recently discovered Neuro-linguistic programming patterns. The guy saying all of the Neuro-linguistic programming patterns obviously knew just how to wield a sentence or two.

    However, I must do my best to remember them. Because if I don't, I fear they will resonate inside my head with such ferocity that I may never eat cheese again.

    So, it starts out like most testimonies of yore do. We were all down at the bar. And some associates. And plenty of social lubricants, if you know what I mean. Stuff that makes you feel good about life.

    So anyway, this is where it all started. Some guy in a purple suit walked in, and was pointing hypnosis language patterns at everybody that had a pair of ears.

    Obviously, I could easily have hallucinated the whole thing. But since I've got some video footage proof, which is listed below, you can see what I mean.

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