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    So I was out walking with my close close friends a couple of days ago and we ran into some extremely different experiences while we were up in the mountains, but luckily we came prepared.

    Now, before I start, I must describe that all of my friends are extremely open minded, and they are not the kinds of folks who go jogging to the regulators at the first hint of problems.

    We were mountaineering along, like normal, when we came across these hidden individuals in this valley that was filled with all these types that were using a extremely ancient form of non-verbal communication that was based on some kind of telepathy hypnotism.

    Now, I must admit it was fairly creepy at first, all these medieval individuals talking to each other without producing any sounds, but pretty soon we all got used to it, and we all became close friends.

    And rather soon, they were in fact teaching us precisely how to use this type of hypnotherapy telepathy, and we spent a week there without even uttering one word to each other, it was quite magical.

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    But the strangest thing is that our powers of telepathy faded as soon as we left that valley.

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