• I Joined Up With A Cult Of Witches

    So I've got this woman I've been following for a while, and she ultimately invited me to this commune where she spends some, and it turned out to be some odd conspiracy that was populated by wizards.

    So we get there, and this one old lady starts telling these experiences in this room that was filled with fumes but it wasn't toxins it was a group of hypnotism that was swirling around inside everybody's brain.

    I needed to relive myself, so I went wandering around the house looking for the bathroom, and then I found this room with a big bed and underneath the big bed was this trap front door, and it down serious into this basement filled with mysterious things.

    Now, one thing about going down, whether you're going down for the count, or down into serious trance is to make sure you bring some kind of map or at least some expectations, because you never know what you're going to find down there.

    Potent Hypnotism: hypnosis

    By the time I had gotten back from the washroom all the women had finished baking their snacks and the hypnotism was starting to wear off, and my girlfriend kept asking me why I was in the lavatory for six hours.

    Anyhow, to learn trance yourself, check out the video clips below or click on this link: easy access

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