• I Extremely Adore Trance

    I had this definitely incredible adventure the other day, and my spirit is still turning around in circles because stuff like this doesn't seriously happen to me, so I'm not truly sure if I imagined it or something.

    What normally happens is I go to a dining establishment, for example, and I order a cheeseburger and they bring me a chicken, or maybe I order some hen and they bring it boiled instead of deep fried how I like it.

    So the other day I decided to try my luck out at that new diner downtown, and much to my surprise, it was filled by gorgeous servers that were both lovely and actually helpful.

    I walk in the place and just as I'm about to leave due to a deep feeling of not belonging, some totally fabulous human woman comes and takes me by the arm, and gently leads me to a place by a window filled with lovely tropical fish they were all looking at me and smiling.

    And before I can even ask myself what's happening, and if there is some kind of catch, she brings me a giant plate filled with scrumptious meals and the most stiff meat fries in the entire universe, which is specifically what I'd wanted most.

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    She told me she was using a form of hypnotism to looked over my intellect, and that's the prime point of this eatery.

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