• I Earned The Treasure

    So I transferred in to this brand new locality a couple weeks ago due to the fact I was shifted at my job, and my super pretty neighbor comes by and asks me to this uniform celebration.

    It wasn't anywhere near Bloody Halloween or any other pagan holiday seasons where individuals to crazy things like witchcraft, so I figured it was just some kind of local get together.

    But when I showed up, I had completely underestimated the amount of work that individuals put into their costumes, I thought I was on one of those TV shows or something where folks were dancing around in some ball room.

    Since I had no clue what to wear, I just got a linen from my bed and dressed as a spirit, but they thought this was the cleverest idea they'd ever seen, and they couldn't stop telling me what an astonishing person I was.

    But the funny thing is, that I've got all these ghouls in my house that are always using hypnosis on me, and they never wear linens, or carry around bangles or any of that.

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    They just show up sporting whatever outfits they were sporting when they died, which makes perfect sense, even though some of their outfits have bullet pockets.

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