• Hypnotism Is Incredible For Obliterating Terror

    No person is alive who isn't afraid of something. Possibly a snarling dog. Or possibly you don't like to get up and speak in public? Or even going over and talking to a stylishperson.

    But scientists know that there's only a couple of things that we are fearful of. Heights and noisy noises. Every other fright you have besides these two is a worry you've learned in some way. That means whatever you are concerned of, there was a time in your life when you weren't concerned.

    For example, standing up and talking in front of others. Just the thought of this is enough to send folks to the hospital. Possibly you are like most individuals and you'd rather go to the dentist or eat some dirt. But it wasn't always this way. Screaming in front of strangers was old hat for you when you were younger. Even in front of the police or the Pope.

    But somewhere along the way, you learned it is supposedly scary to speak in public. All your other fears are like this.

    What's the elimination procedure? Easy. Just slip into a state of hypnosis as if you were taking a nice, warm bath. Then travel back in time, to before you were frightened. Then change things around. Change them so they aren't scary any more. If you do this, the dread will never bother you again.

    Normally, watching some videos will help.

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