• How To Win Over A Girl

    If you are a guy, then there's probably a girl you'd like to meet. And you likely would like everything to go well, right? Of course you would that means you've got to impress her.

    How to impress girls has been on men's minds since we were cavemen. Even before we knew language, we were wondering how to get that sexy cave girl over there to pay attention to us. Luckily, it's pretty easy.

    Now, some guys will complain, and say that this is the hardest thing in the world. It can be, if you do it wrong. But then again, eating a peanut butter sandwich can be hard if you do it wrong. Like try shoving it up your nose instead. OK, back on topic. When you do it right, meeting and attracting girls is as easy as pie.

    Naturally, understanding how to impress her means understanding how not to impress her. Like trying to show off how rich you are. Why doesn't this work? Because unless you're a central banker with your own printing press, there's going to be some fool out there with more money than you. A lot more. Maybe even a Russian gangster. Don't play that game.

    So you've got to do something that most guys don't do. You've got to stand out from the crowd, without needing billions of dollars and an island that you own.

    How can you do this? Simple. Forget about you, and start asking her questions about her. Find out what she likes. Find out what turns her own.

    One way to make this even easier is to talk about ideas rather than things. Things are boring, and there's not much you can do with them. But when you start talking about ideas, there's plenty of places to go, and you'll usually end up in some wonderful places.

    When you do this, you'll be in a completely different category in her mind. You'll be able to give her genuine attention and appreciation, not a bunch of bragging stories about your secret silver mine in Canada.

    See how easy this is? All you've got to do now is get out there and interact. See how easy this is? Pretty soon you'll have the girl of your dreams on your arm.

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