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    I was having lunch with a buddy of mine, and he pointed out there's a fresh 5D flick treatment room in town, and when you go see it, it's like nothing you've ever encountered before.

    Now, everybody understands about 3D movies, and a few folks are starting to wise up about 4D films, but I had no idea what this guy was talking about, so I had to go and check it our for myself.

    It turns out that each couch has a set of electrodes that you hook up to your brain, and the flick really induces aspects of your brain so you can literally feel some the sensations in the flick.

    Like if somebody jumps out of an airplane, you'll feel your center in your tonsils, or if somebody gets stabbed in the eyeball, you'll truly feel the pain.

    Now, the particular show that me and my friend saw was about these guys in a zero gravity environment, so we were hanging around in the concert and all of our change ended up on the ceiling.

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    However, I could see how this systems could be pretty good, specially for those films that people like to watch in the privacy of their own home.

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