• Exactly How They Implemented Hypnotism

    I went to this county fair the other day with my buddies, and it was completely extraordinary. See, this wasn't a county fair like most other circuses out there, with guys doing tricks and lion tamers showing off the best way brave they are.

    Well, they did have those things, but they also did something that was both surprising and awesome. They had fellas that were doing this incredible hypnotherapy and putting the whole crowd into some kind of spellbound state of hypnosis.

    Some man would come out, starting talking in this weird vocabulary, and then the typical bazaar would happen. Because we were are enthralled by hypnotic trance, it was much more interesting.

    But we also ended up preserving quite a bit of cash. We thought we were eating peanuts, but in reality we were really just eating pretend peanuts. So we imagined eating like it was the real thing.

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