• Exactly how I Uncovered Extraordinary Understanding

    I was down at the mall doing some window shopping and possibly doing some other kind of shopping, and then I saw this one retailer that was especially delighted likened to all the other retailers, in a very unusual sort of way.

    The dude inside told me that I might have anything I desired happy by his items, anything at all.

    Now, at first my mind was swimming with all of the possibilities, and then I recognized I had been fascinated in mastering some hypnosis, and perhaps understanding some kind of psychic energy that had been floating around.

    So he gave me this wizardry pebble that didn't really teach me those things, it taught me everything I wished to know, in a very incredible and magical way.

    The way it worked was that I held a book in my left hand, and the gemstone in my right hand, and all the details I wanted out of the book would seep into my brain like magic.

    I spent the next week at a neighborhood college catalogue filling my neural with so much data that I was amazingly floored by how much details my mind was understanding to retain.

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    Then it happened. The wonderful strategies of the universe all gathered in my thoughts, and I saw things that I never noticed before.

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