• Exactly How I Found Impressive Clinical Evidence Of Hypnosis

    I was a little short on cash recently, well I'm always short on cash, but I saw this advertisement in the paper asking people to come in and be a technological subject for some sort of study where they were opposite applying the neurological design.

    So when I go in the place, I see that everyone is donning these brightly colored pink robes with purple flairs around them, and they were holding these odd looking clipboard with all forms of astounding info on them written in some sort of odd alien vocabulary.

    So they walked me in, and sat me down, and hooked up all these electrodes into my mind which made me see all these incredibly lazy shapes floating around my head like there were some mystical creatures coming in my head and all around me as well.

    And right before I could say something, all of these crazy scientists were standing around in a circle, holding hounds, and chanting in some historic trance terminology, and the words were making me so confused, even more than the electrodes over night.

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    But the truly interesting thing is that in a blink of an eye, I woke up in my bed, encased by these TV sets that were blaring at full blast and showing these TV shows all about monkeys that seemed to not truly be concerned with what was actually going on, even in my mind.

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