• The Vitality Of Authority

    It's a common misconception that we live in a world filled with reasoning and logical conduct and step by step patterns. What governs out planet? What drives us to daily action, again and again and again?

    Basic, raw, unconscious intuitions. Now, we think we are always in control of our lives, and we run the show, but this is not true in the slightest. The horrid truth of the matter is that most of your activities are controlled by your intuitions, and that your conscious mind is genuinely just an after the fact story teller.

    Nevertheless, if you want to take life by the horns, then you've got to be able to reprogram your spontaneous. Now, if you think you can rationalize your method through life, then you will be in for the shock of the century.

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    Now, you can't attack city hall any more than you can deal with the unstoppable force of your subconscious mind.

    If you want to develop the most fantastic life possible, then you are going to have to generate some fantastic subconscious programming, which is pretty easy.

    Only then will your inner set of remarkable skills begin to awaken.

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