• The Striking Hypnotherapy Residence

    So the other day I was out walking my canine when I noticed my unbelievably attractive buddy, and she told me that she was starting her own hypnosis business in her home, and that I could come and let her use hypnotherapy on my confusing mind.

    Now, first of all, she's got an incredibly exquisite and soothing voice, and second of all, I've got my fair share of problems to deal with and most individuals think that is the natural combination of hypnotism, and they are right.

    So I was sitting in her cellar when she started the hypnotherapy magic, and before you could say parmesan cheese sandwich, she was spinning some stunning stories in my mind with that lovely voice of hers.

    And once the stories started to come to life in that fantastic basement filled with fantastic creatures from beyond, I was so happy I wanted to stay hypnotized for a long, long time.

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    All I could see was amazing wealth and abundance in my future, all supported by loving and healthy relationships and romantic interludes with alluring strangers from foreign countries.

    The great thing is that the more I started to live my life after that wonderful experience, the more I found that this was the secret of my own contribution.

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