• The Story Of The Therapist

    So long ago, there resided a dude who was a professional of hypnotherapy. He usually went to various towns around the area, and was supporting folks out. His competencies were often in demand, and often times when he arrived in a community, there were already crowds of persons waiting for him.

    He would cure the sick, solve men and women from wetting the bed, and help people recuperate from alcohol addiction. Once there was this dude that would walk around metropolis with a cat on his head, thinking it was a regular old baseball cap.

    This was pretty funny, until he tried to go into the community restaurant which had a no pet plan. This dude would think everything was perfectly fine, until the kitten on his scalp would get him kicked out of the location in a hurry.

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    The bistro would have to ask him to leave, which was confusing to him. He had this insane idea that nobody in metropolis was very fond of hats, when in reality they were all allergic to cats.

    Like you can probably already picture, this created a kind of dilemma. This famous hypnosis person couldn't really hypnotize him because he didn't think he had a problem. He was a good customer, and he usually left sizeable tips.

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