• The Sensational Move Of Situations

    Once upon a time, I had this experience that was so frustrating and at the same time so satisfying that I wondered if there wasn't some kind of mystery puppet master hiding behind the whole environment pulling the strings and making everybody question precisely what in the earth was going on.

    Of course, I tend to over dramatize things, and this is likely no exception, but boy if I hadn't thought my mind had been pulled right from my skull and put through a hamburger mill and then given to me inside of a taco, that's specifically how confusing this experience was.

    So there I was, wandering down the road, minding my own business, when these guys showed up and started spinning all kinds of magical tales about how the society is coming to an end and the way my own individual background as a child may very well be the thing that saves us all from utter and horrible destruction.

    But then he linked all these parts of my past, to the nonsense he was chatting about, which normally sent my head deep into the extends of outer space, which is just why I needed to do things that would begin to make more sense.

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    Of course, when I got home, I turned on my TV, to maybe loosen up my distress, and it got even worse.

    So next time I go downtown, I'm going to wear a disguise or something, so folks don't really understand precisely what I'm discussing about.

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