• The Phantom And The Magical Arts

    I had an extraordinarily wonderful experience the other night with my friends while we were down at the local bar and enjoying some typical drinks with some of the typical fellas.

    The manager of the club said he had chosen some person to come out and do some miracles, and then some hypnotism, and then he was going to combine the two in a unusual and powerful approach that would shock us into oblivion, far beyond any man could conceive of.

    The truth is that when were lying down around waiting for the pleasure to begin, we had no idea precisely how insane the night would become, or the method it would impact our weak brains. In fact, I'm not even sure what really happened that one fateful night.

    Of course, everything began out like you would expect, some mind folding miracles with a lot of strange trance phrases thrown in for good measure, so we were really settling in to our sipping enjoyment, before the chaos smacked us without warning.

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    In the second part of the act, all these ghosts appeared, and acted as his assistance, and we were running around like nuts trying to figure out just where he was getting the wizardry from, as at this point in the exhibition we still thought it was all an act.

    But then things became extremely unpleasant as these spirits started to frighten us with satanic marvelous arts that we were certain had been conjured up from the depths of the satanic world that has long been banned, however, that didn't stop these spirits from thieving several spirits that evening.

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