• The Non stop Struggle In Your Mind

    If you have been keeping up with the latest scientific studies and experiments, you know that individuals have brains, and these thinking ability control our action. Some persons are even cognizant that some of our programmed stimulus response doesn't even pass through our minds, like reflexes and things like that.

    But were informed that all of us really have two independent minds, and often times these two individual memories are in resistance to each other, causing us all kinds of grief and tension?

    These two halves of the intellect are referred to as the subconscious mind and the conscious memories. Our cognizant brains are responsible for reason, and making plans for our long term future.

    For example, if you are considering dropping some bodyweight, your rational imagination knows that it's best to not eat after 8 PM, or it's a good idea to stop eating so much ice cream, and maybe a good idea to workout.

    Your unconscious mind, on the other hand, can't really look out into the future, all it knows is right now it's famished, and it's going to keep bugging you until you eat something.

    And when your subconscious mind decides it's time to consume, it's not really going to let you think about anything else until you do.

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