• The Never Ending Trance Tale

    So I was playing golf with a couple of buddies a number of weeks ago, and like normal, I was hitting the ball all over the place, and it was going everywhere except where I wanted it to go.

    My friend proposed we take a break, and go into the club house and have a few refreshments to loosen up and perhaps remove some stress, which he told me was the cause of my awful golf skills.

    Then while I was having a delicious beer, this person came up to me, who happened to be wearing purple, and told me that he could easily cure me of all my golfing problems, and any other life problems I might have if I would only buy him a handful of beverages, and perhaps some fried chicken.

    So I let him use trance on me while I had a couple more cold drinks, and that maybe wasn't a good idea because you should never mix hypnosis with alcoholic beverages, because you never know what unique results you might get.

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    Like my one friend was at this hypnotism show, and everybody was using alcohol, except the guy never showed.

    So instead of a hypnosis party it was just a typical drinking party.

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