• The Mind Numbing Principle

    So I was just about to put another pizza in the microwave oven and observe some stupid film on TV when my good friend calls me up and asks me if I wished to go downtown to the new disco that opened up, and possibly meet some cute females.

    Since I had nothing better to do, and I could utilize a couple cocktails, and perhaps talk to some females and see if I could get some action, I decided to join him.

    Normally, my friend is wrong a lot more often than he's right, so it was no surprise when we shoed up at the pub and it was nothing like the picture I'd constructed in my imagination.

    Apparently, it was some kind of magic tavern or hypnotism pub, and was filled up with all varieties of men and women who were trained wizards, and were floating around putting all types of persons into deep states of trance and trance.

    But since my life is rather monotonous, this became quite exciting, and I fully gave myself to the experience, so much that before long I was the center of attention.

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    I had tapped into the awesome conscious mind, and was sharing historic information with everybody.

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