• The Magenta Hypnotism Encounter

    The other afternoon I was ingesting dinner, and studying the paper like I normally do, when I found this full paged listing for a local enjoyment playground that had just opened, so I made a decision to go on down there and check it out.

    When I pulled into the parking zone, I noticed that all the other autos were just like mine, and I didn't expect that the entire theme woodland would be inside, and that it would be colored purple on the outside.

    Now when I decided to acquire my pass, all my fears vanished, because right there in front of me was this really cute playground attendant and she told me I was about to have the time of my life.

    She said this particular celebration playground didn't have rides, rather they used a very ancient form of hypnotism that allowed you to have a amazing knowledge inside the confines of your own thinking, so that you could easily and lovingly have some magical recollections of your own.

    And this is the specific thing that occurred. And for the next three hours, she used some awesome trance that allowed me to release all my fears, and get deep inside my thinking for those things that you will naturally love.

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    I enjoyed that experience for about three hours before it was time to go home, and then I had something to eat.

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