• The Mad Video

    The other day I went to this wild video arcade, where they have rows and rows of machines that blink and flash and make all kinds of buzzing noises, and seems like a lot of fun.

    We began fairly content, but because of all the pulsating lighting and sounds and massive quantities of individuals, I rapidly got lost in the large maze of frustration and relentless noise.

    So I found this one equipment that started talking to me like I was some kind of partner or something, and I was apparently reading my brain.

    I know this is a hard thing to believe, and I was having a hard time believing it even when it was happening, but before long I started to fall into the trance of self-deception.

    I walked up to the appliance, put my money in, and let it read my thoughts through some kind of superior noncitizen technologies that I'm pretty positive isn't even invented yet.

    And before long, I was reading the heads of everybody else in the place, including my girlfriend who was wandering around without me.

    Remarkable Imagination Riches: how to keep her guessing

    The things I read in other peoples' minds were incredibly awful, and at the same time extremely dull and awful.

    Learn more in the video clips below, or check out this link: covert hypnosis

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