• The Keys Of Insanity

    Sometimes I to down to my local recreation area to hang out and have some fun, maybe participate in some pick up basketball or something, which is what I was doing when this tale began to happen in strange and inexplicable ways.

    This person walked up and began talking about exactly how extremely bizarre it had been since the latest round of climate balloons had gotten loose from that secret state lab.

    Now, I don't know anything about what this person was talking about, but he seemed like a nice enough person, so we decided to go down to this restaurant and have some snack.

    While we were taking in, he started talking to his genuinely adorable waiter, who seemed to fancy him a little bit more than you'd expect, and I was getting jealous.

    Of course, the woman I ended up spending most of my time talking to was one of the most stunning girls I have ever laid eyes on, so I was rather happy.

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    This is when the unknown person spelled out his large surprised, that was from another earth, and he was here to repair the distortions in time that had been brought on by that crazy weather mechanism problem.

    At that point, I just kept dipping my fries in the ketchup, wondering what was going to happen to me.

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