• The Incredible Event

    I was out jogging my dog the other day, and because of her valor and fascination, we ended up having a superb experience that I didn't think would ever turn into anything worthwhile.

    On the one hand, my canine is pretty shy at first, meaning that it's not clear how she understands, but she kind of lets her guard down slowly over time, as she's getting to know somebody, which means that the more she gets to know you, the more she'll likely like you, like that, see.

    When we got to the meadow, at my canines request, we located a very interesting group of individuals who were standing around in a circle, all chanting some kind of unusual trance, and all finding some amazingly excellent things that they would really like to have, which made sense when you think about it.

    Now when I pushed my way through to the center of the circle to see what all the fuss was about, I discovered this gigantic opening that seemed to go on forever, and didn't have an apparent bottom.

    My dog seemed very eager to jump down into this gap, and since she has never steered me wrong before, we took the plunge together.

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    And believe me when I say the stuff at the bottom of that opening was like nothing I'd ever seen on Earth.

    To learn your awesome truth, watch the video clips below, or click on this link: go

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