• The Impressive Lady With The Crimson Baseball Cap

    Sometimes some odd things happen when you least expect them, and this is exactly what happened to me in this here story, which all started because I forgot to obtain some groceries, and I had seen this spectacular commercial on TV for some seller mad enchiladas that didn't seem to have anything else than goodness in them.

    I was on my way down, my heart set on getting that massive burrito that was stuffed with meat and bean love, and starting to notice the plethora of attractive ladies all out walking on, when I saw this strange looking retail outlet that wasn't there yesterday.

    As soon as I found myself interior this extraordinary outlet, I couldn't help but notice all the fantastic things for sale, and all the stellar ways the shop had all these lanes that wrapped around themselves like some living, breathing maze.

    Another thing was that inside the shop were tons and tons of never ending aisles, which seemed to be bending and flexing before my very eyes, which led me to believe that I was some kind of target of spectacular mind magic hypnotherapy.

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    The next thing that happened was this weird women came out, who was wearing some kind of pink hat on her head, and started speaking about just how all of this stuff was really in my creative imagination, as the store was designed to show the customer anything they wanted, like some wizardry retail shop.

    And right when she mentioned that, these two stunning ladies came over and began to give me some scrumptious wet burritos, just like on TV.

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