• The Extraordinary Fantasy Show

    This outrageous storyline is going to start out just like my many other testimonies, namely it was me and my close friends hanging out at the corner club the other night, when all things abruptly went off the chain.

    At first we thought it was going to be a normal night of drinking and eating, as we had just got our first basket of garlic bread, when the waitress asked us if we were interested in checking out this magic performance downtown, of course we said yes, since she was actually adorable, and had some really lovely good friends.

    Typically, when you find out what a interesting group of young ladies are doing, and they invite you to do it with them, it would be certainly stupid of you not to comply with their every wish, no matter how loony and silly it sounds at the time.

    The program we ended up at had this guy that was doing some amazingly nutty sorcery. He was not only doing fantasy with things like ergonomic chairs and piles of hay, but he was also doing tips with our minds. He was reaching deep into our thoughts with his psychic magical and was doing all sorts of unbelievable and alarming things.

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    He knew all of our childhood methods, our preferred frozen treats flavor, and even which boy was drawn to which girl.

    The funny thing was that later, when we were back at the sweet girl's house, we decided to go back and some take some photos in front of this magic display house. Only it wasn't there.

    You can proceed on by seeing the video clips below, or you can click on this link for more: this

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