• The Astounding Adventure Of Confusion

    I have had some unusual things happen to me in the past, and this is going to be one that certainly tops all of them, because it happened when I was dropped in the community mountain tops, and I was starting to become afraid that I wouldn't be able to find my strategy home.

    Now, I must acknowledge that when I'm dropped in the wilderness like this, I normally like to find my own way home, since if I happen to get misplaced in the same location again, I might not ever find my solution home if I am dependent on third parties.

    Of course, when I heard the magnificent voice packed with lovely and interesting hypnosis, I couldn't genuinely resist, as that style appeared so filled with honey that I didn't think anything bad could possibly happen.

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    However, this mystical speech stuffed with enjoyment led me in the opposite direction of my home, but for some reason I used it anyway, and we ended up in a extraordinary country that I was pretty sure was in another dimension, and stuffed with even more delight than I have ever imagined.

    But pretty soon, even though I was the only human being around, I had been acknowledged for who I was, and they treated me like a regular.

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