• Precisely How Did The Crimson Tent Perform Secret

    I live in this town that has a lot of tiny parts, and practically every weekend one of the parks is having some kind of event for some cause, and this time it was the one that was near to my house.

    So I set out in the morning, perhaps hoping to eat a couple of hotdogs or maybe some frozen treats from one of those carnival type vendors, but I was absolutely amazed at what I saw.

    They had all these amazing rides, much larger than the other festivals I'd been to, and they also had this petting zoo with these huge Crazy elephants that folks could ride.

    But the strangest thing was that they had this one covering that was all pink, and when you walked inside, it was a lot greater on the inside than on the outside.

    And on the inside it was filled with self-hypnosis folks strolling around and having these kind of hypnosis fights where they were trying to put secret spells one each other.

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    Anyhow, I was in there for a while and I started to smell the most tasty french fries I'd ever eaten, which was weird since this has never happened before.

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