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    I had this pal once, a long time ago when I was overly focused on just how the women thought about me, and this pal was so amazingly seductive and attractive that all he had to do was to simply peek at some ladies, and they would immediately and quickly fall in affection with him, and it would quickly be all over, and they would eagerly do whatever he asked.

    This guy must have had some kind of wicked insane imagination control secrets, because he didn't even have to look at a girl, and that woman would be clearly and obviously in affection with him and be tremendous straightforward to management and manipulate.

    Obviously, I wanted to find out exactly how he was doing this, so I bought him a nice lunch, and tried to pry from him the techniques of his madness, and what he told me was amazingly stunning.

    He told me that he'd mastered the ancient skill of intellect hypnosis, that would allow him to secretly inject his thoughts into the heads of others, until they felt charming desire for him on a strong, animal level.

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    He told me the unknown was to perform a private chant while he was alone, and then when he was out and around ladies, they would choose on a very powerful and enticing form of hypnotherapy adoration electricity.

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