• My Wonderful Quest Through Creative Thinking

    I was with my pals the other afternoon. We were having a extremely superb discussion. We were conversing about what will come about when our economy finally crashes. To be sure, this takes place every so often. Every couple 100 decades or so. We all think we are about due.

    So then this chap came in, and started using hypnosis. He was remarkable, to say the least. Now, he started out with some marvelousincantations, and then started speaking about the stock market. I'm telling a true story here, so don't think I'm making this up.

    Anyway, when we were finished being under trance, he told us we could remember the secrets. Of our subconscious brains, the currency markets, and the way we were going to become incredibly famous.

    Things began to get really crazy when he started waving his miraculous wand around. It's like we were in some mix of biology and financial data, swirling around in our heads. He set up some pretty wonderful connections within our brains.

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