• My Scary Sorcery Computer

    The other day I was out backpacking in the local mountain tops with a couple of buddies. We do this because it is incredibly excitement, and we often uncover some great tales of grand adventure.

    Like this one time, we encountered this cave that wasn't on any maps. We made a decision to go exploring. It wasn't one of those caverns where you need ropes and things. This was a cavern where you can just walk right in.

    Therefore we were within, and we uncovered a stack of strange machines near the back. This one computer had all these peculiar buttons.

    Then as we were aimlessly pressing these links, all these odd wildlife started appearing and disappearing. Burritos that crapped frozen goodies, dinosaurs that had three tails, and this one pink monster that kept telling these dreadful jokes.

    In any case we left, and I haven't been back.

    If you want to watch more astonishing rubbish, watch the video clips below, otherwise, check out this link: Here

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