• My Mind Folding Story Of Terror

    I was having some massively perplexing feelings the other evening, so I changed to my older pal for some help. He has been doing this kind of thing for a long time, and he uses hypnotherapy along with some long lost procedures to assistance clowns like me. I'm not sure what really happened, so I guess I'll just keep rambling on.

    So it started out like this. There was this young youngster, who was maybe as forfeited as I was, or am, and he was holding this pink helium filled balloon. Of course, I really have no idea just how the purple balloon fits into all of this, I just know that's the image that kept popping up in my psyche.

    Anyhow, this boy located a gem chest that looked like it had been forgotten by pirates. He popped open the top, and was not shocked to find it filled with gold bullion. At first he was mystified, until the found out the gold coins were really candies. Then everything made sense.

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