• My Awesome Trip To The Jogging Shoe Manufacturing Facility

    I was roaming around in the city center the other day, trying to find something interesting to do, when I noticed there were a lot of folks getting on this bus, and I found out they were going to a sneaker manufacturing plant, so I made a decision to go there as well.

    Naturally, learning how things are made is always exciting, so I made the decision to look around in this sneaker manufacturing area and decide if it was something I may be interested in for a long term project, after all, once you learn one thing, you can always open the door to learn more things.

    Now, the bus ride was kind of long, so I made a decision to listen to one of hypnotism Mp3 that opens your thoughts to a new kind of learning, so things go in easier and you can soak up more details.

    And the funny thing was that I was still in a very deep hypnotherapy trance when we toured the trainer facility, because I don't really remember much, except a bunch of individuals that were roaming around and talking to people about different stuff.

    But I did discover exactly how shoes are made, and I also discovered that in order to become a fantastic person, it's a good idea to have several pairs of shoes.

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    Which is why I now have a whole closet filled with footwear.

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