• Just How I Encountered The Striking Sales Woman

    I was knee deep in this kind of boring article in this magazine that I was only looking at because of the fact that there was nothing on Television when the beautiful saleslady came knocking at my door.

    She was dressed in this definitely wonderful suit that matched her eyes and her curly hair, and she seemed to have this electricity about her that made me want to buy whatever she was selling.

    As soon as I opened the door I was totally floored by her gorgeousness, which made me invite her into my home, which she happily accepted.

    We were resting at my dining table, and I was ready to give her my charge card without even knowing what she was interested in buying, but then she started communicating in this weird and historical vocabulary that I had heard for thousands of years.

    And all of a sudden, I was transported, in my mind I think, to some unusual land filled with enchanting and wonderful creatures that would forever help me achieve my purpose in life.

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    When I finally returned from the seductive land of enchanting hypnosis, I realized that all my life problems had vanished, and this angel from heaven was saying good bye.

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