• I Was Shocked By Horrible Hypnotism

    I've got this good friend who is always trying to uncover brand new and fascinating things about the human thoughts, and how he can help people become even better than they are. Lately, he's been on me about trying this unique form of hypnosis, that is supposed to be extremely advanced.

    However, this was nothing like I'd expected, with some gentleman talking and making you relaxed.

    This was a kind of alien technology hypnosis where the use these kinds of deposits to vibrate your mind chemistry along with fresh areas of comprehension and knowledge of longstanding information.

    The idea is to repair your brain on a chemical level, so you'll have brand-new skills. I wasn't anticipating to have such undesirable results on my own brain when they tried it, even they were amazed.

    I was transformed into a horrible beast with terrible desires of awful destruction and tyranny.

    If you want to see just a small taste of what I experienced, have a look at some of these traumatic video clips.

    If you want to find some even more horrific ideas to play around with, and see how insane things have become, have a look here for more hypnosis: hypnosis

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