• How To Realize Isle Business Economics

    A couple of weeks ago I was on this small region, hoping to have some nice relaxation so I could forget all my difficulties with there was a sudden living dead uprising due to some improperly processed seafood.

    But it was a extremely peculiar living dead pathogen, in that when persons were living dead, instead of lusting after human flesh like most living dead do, they started to wander the beaches at night eating sand.

    Now, I know this doesn't sound like a really big problem, after all, living dead are only problems if they are chasing you and consuming you, but these zombies were actually a lot worse.

    But what happened was that these living dead caused everybody on the beach to run away, since they didn't particularly smell like fresh roses or anything, even though they were only eating mud. And all the men and women that fled the seaside went to the one mall on that little tropical isle.

    Naturally, with everybody in the malls shopping, not only did the prices go through the roof, but all of the good stuff disappeared right away, which meant that everybody was suddenly out of stuff, and the living dead were getting closer and closer.

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    Naturally, there are always unpredicted aftermaths, especially when you are a thinking about the nature of an economic expansion, living dead related or not.

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