• Extraordinary Riches

    Once about a time, according to various sources, there was this dude who was bad. He, like most of us, wanted more profit, and he spent a good deal of his thought process energy trying to conjure some up. One day he was out wandering around downtown and he observed a miraculous lamp.

    Just like in the films, he rubbed the side of the special lamp, and he anticipated a genie to come out and promise him untold riches and prosperity. But nothing came out.

    So he pitched this table lamp into the trash. When he turned around, ready to cry out in discomfort, he saw the odd person donning magenta. Age-old and bizarre words started coming from the mouth of the crimson individual.

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    So his intellect was turned inside, and the secrets and techniques of prosperity were subjected to him. Soon the boy was relaxed under the spell of age-old hypnotism from lands long lost to time, and he was imagination was discovering all kinds of new ideas.

    But just like that, the weird male in magenta vanished without a trace. Then the young boy suddenly noticed he would make his fortune by opening up a hot dog on a stick shop at the mall.

    He went to the lender and got a bank loan, and soon it was the most famed hot dog on a stick store in the world.

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