• Exactly How My Dazzling Desires Shipped Me To The Nuts Asylum

    The other nighttime, I had a vision that turned into one of the most horrid nightmares you could ever imagine, leaving me with a feeling of absolutely awful dread. Obviously, feeling such astonishingly horrible feelings of emotional agony is not something I am really fond of.

    So anyway, I was jogging along this really long road that had these tremendous boulders on either side. I suppose I was migrating somewhere with all other primitive individuals that we were with.

    Suddenly, this giant monster appeared, and started eating the prehistoric men and women like they were in a bowl of biscuits down at the local bar or something.

    I was the next person that was going to be eaten by this awful and scary dinosaur, when I woke up in a pool of blood. And when I woke up, I noticed there was this big tiger sitting next to me, and he started asking me questions about hypnotherapy.

    Now, I probably shouldn't have been listening to all those hypnotherapists tapes for so long without a break.

    If you want to see this as it really happened, there are some movies below.

    And for even more complicated information filled with horrible agony and the mental pain of hypnotherapists, check this out right away: this cool site

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