• Exactly How I Discovered Craziness

    The other day me and my good friends were jogging down the street speaking about things that may be fascinating to some individuals but no others when we ended up in this strange clothes retail outlet. As soon as we walked in, there was this lady that was dressed like a witch, and she said she had something for us.

    They showed me this ultra cheap jacket, that occurred to be pink, and created from some odd and ancient yarn from a really far away land that most men and women have never even heard of.

    As soon as we left the shop, I noticed that the temperature had inexplicably dropped by about fifty degrees, which meant that I was wearing the cardigan in two seconds. So when I put on the jumper, just like the insane lady promised, I started attracting all kinds of great attention from all those kind folks around me. For one, all the ladies were smiling at me and giving me their contact number.

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    Another thing were these folks that looked like bankers started strolling up to me and giving me huge stacks of revenue, and large bags filled with silver and gold coins.

    Clearly, there was some kind of strategy or trance going on with my jacket, so much that it was even causing me to have second thoughts.

    And for the rest of the day, my pals and I took turns wearing this magical jacket, and getting some astounding results.

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